A Taste Of Texas


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released February 14, 2015



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Track Name: Gimme Gimme Adderall
My pulse is beating out of time, on this 13 hour drive.
Oh I love this sensation.
Don't know what to do but I know where I'm going.
I finally found my fix this time.

Gimme gimme adderall.
Track Name: I Wanna Be An Outsider
Well I don't fit in, and I don't really seem to care.
The friends that I have, worry about what they're gonna wear.
I'm never gonna change, never gonna change, just like you.
I'd rather sit alone, and watch the sky turn blue.

I don't need any of your help.
Just the Ramones and myself.
This seems all unreal to me.
When did being you, cease to be?

I wanna be an outsider today,
outsider, outsider, today.

Did you ever stop and think and see what you've become?
You're probably somebody else in the long run.
Just be yourself man, what do you have to lose?
Do you not wanna be embarrassed by your crew?
Track Name: Surfin' In My Mind
I said aye, I think I'm surfin' in my mind.
I said aye, I think I'm killing me some time.

Walking down the street,
walking down the beach,
watching the wind blow through the trees.
And I know everything is gonna be alright,
I don't have a destination in mind.

Just gimme gimme gimme satisfaction
Gimme gimme gimme days like this, for me.
For me.

I said aye, I think I'm gonna be alright
I said aye, killing time till midnight.

I just wanna leave into the sea
fly to the stars, return to the beach.
And I know I'm living in fantasy
I wanna go where I want, go where I please.

Gimme gimme gimme satisfaction,
gimme gimme gimme days like this, for me.
For me.