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released June 11, 2014



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Track Name: Christmas In June
Christmas time is almost here
Fast forward to the end of the year

Well it's Christmas time, and I don't wanna be alone
I just wanna be at home, with you right by my side
Overwhelmed with lights, and a nice surprise
You don't always get what you want, tonight

I'll be making my list and checking it twice
Seeing you would be quite alright
I'll be camped out by my Christmas tree
Baby won't you come to me?
Track Name: Green Day Girl
It all started, on the corner of St Emanuel st
Conversations I wish would never end
We decided, after you got done playing your set
That we would go and grab a bite to eat
Well we talked about, all of our favorite bands
And how we were back in high school

So be my Green Day Girl.
Be my Green Day Girl.

Well I know you don't, really think about me at all
But I just couldn't get you off my mind
well this maybe well maybe this is so wrong
but i just couldn't help writing this song
so maybe one day, maybe one day we will meet again
and relieve the things just like that night

well i hated saying goodbye
well that was one cool night
did i get lost in your eyes?
oh, no, what am i saying?
Track Name: Now You're Gone
I wanna go back to the day, before I wrote this song
Before it had a purpose, before everything went wrong
I wanna walk right next to you, just like that night
when it felt perfect, and now everything's alright

Now You're Gone.
My hearts in pieces now you're gone.

I wonder what i did, to make you move along
I was there and then we always got along
I would do anything to make you stay
My hearts in circles now I'm stuck in a figure 8
Track Name: Stuck In A Rut
I think I'm coming down
I think I'm breaking down
I think I'm stuck in rut

Just go and let me be
And go do what you please
I have no sense of mind

Do you ever feel like you're forgotten?
Do you feel like you're in 2nd place?
I'm stuck in here my mind is rotten.
I'm always on time but never late

Do you even have a clue?
Of all the things you do?
or am i shit out of luck
just go and let me be
and go do what you please
I think I'm stuck in a rut