Summer Love


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The Unknown
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The Unknown It's something unpredictable, it's something I was waiting for so long. This is the perfect combination of what I love and what punk rock should be. A bit garage in some points always worth. Favorite track: 11 to 9.
hope romine
hope romine thumbnail
hope romine This album is amazing! There isn't one song you wouldn't want to put on replay! I can't get tired of this album and every song is my favorite!
Amber Zamba
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Amber Zamba I love this album, it really kicks ass.
Music is great, vocals are great. 10/10.

Uncomfortable is my favourite track off the album, it's just such an awesome song. Favorite track: Uncomfortable.
Matthew Martinez
Matthew Martinez thumbnail
Matthew Martinez This album is great. It sounds very retro and raw and that's what music needs right now. A breath of fresh air. Favorite track: 11 to 9.
Oskar thumbnail
Oskar Such a great album, great tracks to jam out in the summer, makes you want to party it on! Their best stuff yet! Favorite track: Huntington Beach.
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released July 25, 2016



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Track Name: California Wine
Getting drunk off wine
As I'm lost in your eyes
I see it in your glare
I see it in your stare

I'm where I wanna be
Baby can't you see
So let's lay around
And watch tv

It's getting warm in here
A gentle kiss we'll share
Starting to get lazy
My vision is going hazy
Track Name: Zombie Queen
I see you right there, yeah lookin' at me
Got scary face, got scary teeth
Coming up closer, yeah lookin' at me
I can see it in your eyes you're hungry

She is a zombie (zombie queen)
She is coming after me.

I love your feel, I love your touch
Baby your world is a little to much
Am I in heaven or am in hell?
I promise I wont kiss and tell
I promise I wont run away
I promise I wont be afraid
Track Name: 11 to 9
I'm sick of wasting, wasting, wasting all my time
I'm sick of working, working, 11 to 9
Each second of the day, passes me by
Oh what am I doing, doing with my life?

I don't know, what to do
But I know where I wanna be
Not stuck between these 4 walls
Caving in on me

I'm sick of dealing with, the same 'ole people
They don't understand me, I'm just so evil
Just get me out of here, out of this place
I'm feeling claustrophobic, I need my space
Track Name: Heading Out West
You said goodbye
Now I think at night
I'm sick of work
I'm always broke

Will I make it out there next year?
Will you be waiting for me there?

I'm trying
So hard
I want you
You left me, left me feeling blue
Track Name: Huntington Beach
There's a place that I like to be
When I'm not home in misery
Huntington is a place I like to be right now

As of now I'm writing about it
And my thoughts overcrowd me
As I'm stuck inside my house

I wanna go outside
I wanna fly high
Roll with the tide
I wanna go outside

Who knew being there a few times
Could make me fall in line
Just let the breeze hit my face baby

Lets take a stroll on the pier
Surf City is almost near
Looking like we're hanging with Ruby tonight
Track Name: Uncomfortable
I sit at home wondering if you are okay
Are you at work, or are you on a break?
I wanna stop and visit but don't know if you are there
Come and say hi, all of this is unprepared

When I get serious, you get really shy
The days that I see you, I don't wanna say bye
You are really cool, I'm just so lyrical
I don't wanna make you feel uncomfortable.

I don't wanna make you feel miserable
I don't wanna make you feel uncomfortable.

Is there a chance you and I can hang out?
I'm really curious of what you're all about
I'm not the one to spill my guts into the air
You make me nervous every time I see you stare
Track Name: Change Of Scenery
I wanna go to the coast
Meet some people that I don't know
I wanna go where I belong

I really don't like it here
All my friends just disappeared
I'm the only person that I know

Where do I belong?
How do I stay strong?
I need change of scenery,
I can't sit here forever
I need to get better
I need change of scenery.

I wanna see palm trees
I wanna feel the ocean breeze
I wanna be myself again

I wanna meet the right people
the people that help me grow
I'm tired of feeling so low
Track Name: Speed
Feeling bad is not my cup of tea, I'm falling apart, losing sleep
Take a pill for anxiety, think at night makes my mind crazy

What's really right? I don't know
I wanna go fast, never slow
Life is a race, get up and go
There's only so much I can cope

Come up, take me away
I wouldn't have it any other way

Feeling good is my cup of tea
I wanna go fast, speed speed speed
Take me from reality
Addictive personality
Track Name: Isabelle
I woke up on the wrong side of the bed,
then I got you stuck right in my head
Another ballad of good and evil.

I don't know how you got in my brain,
the times we shared they went and came
looks like I'm in misery today.

Isabelle I didn't mean to make you cry
We were young, and you were full of lies
Isabelle I wonder where you are now?
You flew away to the moon, to the clouds

Every now and then I think of this
and the funny story of our first kiss
and our time spent at the park
Why does time go by really fast?
I should have known this wouldn't last
nothing lasts forever

You changed like everybody else
While I still remained myself
You washed away with the rain
If we did this all again
would we get the same experience?
I guess our paths will never cross

I can't eat, I can't even sleep.
I'm all wrapped up in apathy.
Track Name: Elmquist Ave
I'm sitting here wasting time, wondering where to go
Do I stay or do I leave, well only time knows
Will you be there, will you be there waiting for me?
Time keeps pushing me back, even though I'm ready

Something tells me it is worth it, in the end
I swear I'm trying, trying to do the best that I can
I'm getting use to hanging around and being all alone
But that's not bringing me down, because I wanna come on home

Why is growing up hard to do, can't this be easy?
Waking up is hard to do, when I miss your kisses
I wanna be next to you, right by your side
I wanna sleep with you tonight